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World Cup All Stars of the UNFCCC

It’s been a hotly contested two weeks, but here it is - the #SB40 All Star World Cup team.   Calm defender Goalkeeper: Juan Hoffmaister (Bolivia) Skill: Keeping the damages to a...

Why not contemplate youth’s view?

Today I had one of the most frustrating experiences since I started to follow the UNFCCC negotiations. During Rio+20, when I decided, together with a group of friends, to brainstorm about creating an NGO...

INDCs for Dummies

There is one acronym here in Bonn which has been in the tip of everyone‘s tongue, on the edge of their tweets and at the end of every intervention. Although everybody is talking about it, there is no...
How emissions need to decrease in developed and developing countries to reach net Zero

We’re on the way to Zero

The negotiations in Bonn took a dramatic shift this week, as countries from around the world came out of the emissions reductions closet and began to announce efforts to move towards Zero Emissions.   In...

The world goes carbon neutral

The Paris protocol has to take us to a zero-carbon future. This was the call made by German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks last week at the ministerial roundtable in Bonn, focused on issues related to...