Rap – How old will you be in 2050?

Just a quick post this time – to show all of you the amazing rap that the international youth here along with a few members of our team delivered in the plenary being watched by more than 200 delegates:

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  • http://www.CoolaNer.nu/ Oleg Izyumenko

    And here’s the lyrics, courtesy of Caroline Howe:

    Survival’s at Stake

    Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
    Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

    The truth of climate change is all too clear;
    We feel the climate impacts, they’re already here.
    We know these climate changes will impact our health,
    Threaten food security, safety and wealth.
    Floods mean more drowning, and droughts more starvation
    Adaptation and mitigation offer salvation.

    All these massive changes making climate refugees;
    No government is ready for migrations like these.
    Largest emissions come from the wealthy,
    But can we afford to keep the world healthy?

    Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
    Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

    And how about your Kyoto deal?
    It didn’t solve the problems we hoped it would heal.
    Can we do it in Copenhagen?
    Only with true global collaboration.
    When will you all wake up to the truth
    Your choices today are impacting the youth.
    You’re still playing games with your children’s earth
    Look me in the eyes, say what my future’s worth

    Survival’s at stake, *yeah yeah* Action we must take *yeah yeah*
    Make it our mission *yeah yeah* to stop the emissions. *yeah yeah*

    It’s not just up to you, it’s also up to me
    But I know I can be the change I want to see.

    You talk about economy, trying to be thrifty
    But how old will you be in the year 2050?

  • Grace Mwaura

    Yeah, we did it again, am very proud of Caroline, she is very energetic, and thats what we need right now, people who are ready to shake the whole world, like she helped us do on that day in the plenary!!!!
    Keep smiling

  • Alex A

    Please stop with the rap! I cannot think of a messaging vehicle more damaging to your goals than to present it this way. Rapping your message will only preach to the converted, or the permanently disinterested. Think! Who are you trying to reach?! Who are you trying to influence? Do you think rapping at them will make your message more persuasive? It will not. It will, conversely, make your message less legitimate, and completely unserious.

    This is lunacy. It is very disheartening to see vital climate action pleaded for in this way. Very, very damaging to our cause.

    In the future, please, if you must rap, rap nothing at all.

    Or, better yet, rap about your climate change skepticism, as the people we need to convert want nothing less than to be associated with rap music and style.

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  • Terri P

    Youth, Do not be discouraged by curmudgeon Alex A’s negative comment! Your rap was fabulous!! I’m 44, so this isn’t coming from another 20-something. There’s nothing wrong with rap when the lyrics are positive, and yours are great. You brought a genuine gift of creativity from your generation, and obviously a lot of people there “got it” and enjoyed it. You ARE having an impact — here in the U.S., we hear on the news about how the youth delegation is so large and is making a real difference. Please keep it up, we’re depending on you and supporting you back here with our vigils, sending info out to our email and Facebook lists. You ROCK and don’t let some old curmudgeon like Alex A let you ever forget it!!