Getting ready for the next round of Bonn Climate Change Talks

We’re packing our bags for Bonn – and eager to get this next round of talks underway. If you’re passionate about global action to address climate change and tracking the action at the UNFCCC, we want to alert you to a few opportunities to prepare you for tracking the upcoming talks in Bonn.

Secretariat Press Briefing

First, on Tuesday, May 27th, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer gave a pre-meeting press conference from the Secretariat Headquarters today.

You can watch the whole archived webcast here:>

Thursday Blogger briefing

Second, we’re proud to announce that TckTckTck (the Global Campaign for Climate Action) is bringing back the Fresh Air Center, a virtual new media resource center that launched last year in Copenhagen to provide support for bloggers (and other journalists) tracking the negotiations.  To kick things off, the Fresh Air Center has pulled experts from the TckTckTck campaign for a blogger briefing this coming Thursday.

Join some of our favorite professional negotiator trackers – Alden Meyer (Union of Concerned Scientists), Antonio Hill (Oxfam International), Cindy Baxter (Greenpeace International) and David Turnbull (CAN International) this coming Thursday, May 27th at 15:00 GMT (11a EDT).

Download the dial-in information here.

Introducing the new UNFCCC Executive Secretary – Christina Figueres

Clean Skies News sat down with Christina Figueres on May 18 for a video interview shortly after her nomination by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. While the interview doesn’t go into much depth, it’s a great a introduction to the new Executive Secretary.  Figueres was the preferred candidate for many developing countries and is highly regarded by the man she’ll replace.

New UNFCCC iphone app for the Bonn Talks.

From the UNFCCC website:

UNFCCC Negotiator App“This application provides quick and easy access to essential information about the UN Climate Change Talks taking place this year. The application will be updated before each major UNFCCC event in 2010. Please keep your application on your iPhone after the meetings have ended in order to receive an automatic update of the app prior to subsequent meetings. View the latest youtube videos and photos from the conference, read the latest documents, agendas and meetings information, join the Talks via the Facebook and Twitter channels, get logistical information.

Download the iPhone app – ‘Negotiator‘ – free of charge here.”

We’ll keep you posted with more information over the coming days. The Bonn Climate Change Talks kick off next week, and we’ll be there tracking.

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