Head US negotiator Jonathan Pershing gave the United States’ second press briefing in Durban on Friday afternoon.  In it, he reiterated the position that the US does not expect to see a new legally binding emissions treaty regime before 2020, saying “from the perspective of the United States, the commitments that were made in Cancun take us through 2020. Those are commitments from all Parties… We don’t think at this stage, a year after having made those pledges, that Parties are likely to take on additional different pledges.”  He also discussed the closed-door discussions around the new Green Climate Fund, restating that the United States has concerns about the text presented by the Transitional Committee that must be addressed in order for the Fund to be operationalized.  He described three “baskets” of concerns, including inconsistencies in the report, the relationship between the board and the COP, and interim arrangements before the Board and Fund have a “permanent home.”

Find a full transcript of the briefing here.


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