Is Doha the place where global solutions go to die?

There is growing concern in the negotiating halls today, as meetings went on until 4am without seeming to tackle the difficult political issues that will make or break Qatar’s reputation as skilled diplomats. More importantly, there is concern that Qatar failure here, could deal a fatal blow to the UN climate talks process.

We took checked in with our Fellow Farrukh Zaman who stayed up all night following the talks and has a sense of how things have changed in the last few hours.

There were strong words in the NGO press conference as well – in particular from the head of the largest NGO network, Wael Hmaiden of CAN International.

Some of what we’re hearing called for:

  • As the host of the first international climate negotiations ever held in the Arab Region, expectations have been high for strong leadership from Qatar.
  • The Arab Youth have made clear that they expect their leaders to lead on climate.
  • Arab leaders, especially Qatar, can demonstrate leadership by pledging emissions reductions and making financial commitments.
  • Yesterday, the Government announced a new research facility and said that it would host an annual Global Climate Change Forum.
  • We appreciate these contributions, but by themselves, they are not enough.
  • There are many governments which need to increase their ambition in order for Doha to have a successful conclusion.
  • But in its role as COP President, Qatar has the opportunity to drive a successful outcome by bringing Ministers together, and showing leadership by pledging emissions reductions and finances.
  • Arab Youth came into these talks with their expectations high for Arab leadership, we hope that the leaders from the region, especially the Government of Qatar, will not disappoint them.
  • Time is running out, but its not too late to act.