2013/2014 Fellowship Application


This is your opportunity to be counted among the most talented young climate activists we ever met. It’s your opportunity to learn leading-edge communications skills. Hone your policy expertise. Build an unprecedented network. Learn what shapes international affairs and how you can shape them to help solve the world’s problems. This is your opportunity to take a funded trip to the front lines of one of the hardest fights for climate action in Warsaw this November – and your opportunity to play a very meaningful role. Apply now for the 2013/2014 Adopt a Negotiator Fellowship. Applications due at midnight 7 September.


The Global Call for Climate Action is awarding Adopt a Negotiator (AaN) Fellowships to exceptional young people that we think possess the ability to effectively push their countries toward unlocking climate solutions nationally and internationally.

AaN Fellows will have an opportunity to contribute to campaigns aiming at mobilizing their government to adopt adequate climate change policies. They’ll join a team of passionate, dedicated and talented activists from around the world; participating in moments that will shape if and how the governments respond adequately to the climate challenge. Their efforts will build on a proud legacy of past ‘Negotiator Trackers,’ and make important contributions to the climate movement in a creative, challenging and exciting role.

Applicants must be 18 to 30 years of age; available to attend the Warsaw Climate Change Conference in Poland (from November 8th to November 24th, 2013); and able to actively contribute to the Adopt a Negotiator project as an activist and blogger from mid-September of this year through May of 2014.

Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:

You understand the landscape. Our Fellows should not only understand climate change, they are also familiar with their country’s national and international climate politics; preferably with the UNFCCC itself – its history, its inner workings, and its roles in addressing climate change.

You are an excellent communicator. Our Fellows can quickly translate the complex and hard to communicate developments that happen during climate negotiations and other key moments into compelling, accessible, creative, actionable communications across multiple channels and mediums. Our primary tool is blogging – Fellows must be skilled bloggers – but the ability to leverage other communications tools and channels with strategic and/or large audiences via new and traditional media is also key to their success.

You have informed empathy. Our Fellows seek out a deep understanding of how climate change affects people in different situations, in different ways, all over the world – security, health, livelihood, values, politics, business, etc – and can tap into that understanding to help them connect with with various audiences (including their negotiators).

You are brave. In a short amount of time, each Fellow has to build relationships with experts in our partner network, members of the media, their country’s negotiators and other decision makers. Fellows need to quickly absorb and synthesize new information; take public stands on complicated issues; get their ideas and opinions out to fellow activists and media in their home country in meaningful ways.

You are fast. Our Fellows are able to rapidly respond to events and opportunities inside climate negotiations and out.

You are dedicated. Our Fellows understand the stakes involved in responding to climate change, and are dedicated to helping push for progress in spite of the many setbacks, challenges and complications we face along the way. While we expect to count on our Fellows’ full-time participation during the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, they also actively participate in the project throughout their Fellowship’s duration.

Are you looking for an incredible experience on the front lines of an essential fight in the effort to address climate change? Do you think you can excel in the Fellowship role? If so, we want to meet you. We’re accepting applications through midnight, September 7th. Apply below.

*This Fellowship is a volunteer opportunity. However, support for participation in the Warsaw Climate Change Conference including travel, room and board will be provided.



Step 1. Fill out and submit the form below.

Step 2. Letter of intent.
Next, we want your pitch. Please prepare a letter of intent, maximum of 1-page in length written in English . Use this letter to convince us that we should award you a 2013/2014 Fellowship. Tell us how you hope to make use of the opportunity to participate in the upcoming climate talks? What kind of impact do you think you could have on the effort to respond to climate change? How might your participation help shape your country’s role in responding to climate change? Each fellow has unique set of skills and contacts. Use this letter to make us understand how you will leverage those personal resources to make the most of the fellowship.

Step 3. Prepare a writing sample.
Please prepare a sample of your writing that showcases your skills as a communicator (ideally something published in a blog or media outlet).

Step 4. Email your letter of intent and writing sample.
To complete your application, please send your 1-page letter of intent and your writing sample from the email address you entered in the form above to both  joshua.wiese@adoptanegotiator.org and sebastien.duyck@adoptanegotiator.org.



The Adopt a Negotiator (AaN) project began in 2009 as part of a massive push to secure a fair, ambitious and binding global climate change treaty. As efforts continue to promote international cooperation on climate change, the Adopt a Negotiator project has continue to demonstrate its relevance as a valuable tool in securing that progress.

Negotiator Trackers sharing intel at the Doha Climate Change Conference last December

Each year, the project offers Fellowships to a select group of young activists around the world who are likely to excel in the challenging role. Fellowship recipients are trained to publicly track their country’s role in addressing climate change, both nationally and internationally. They tap into the Global Call for Climate Action’s vast network of partner organizations. They leverage the most effective new media tools available. And they literally follow decision-makers into the rooms where key decisions are being made, in order to push their governments to take up the climate challenge with all the ambition, resources, and dedication it deserves. They make sure the demands of young and future generations are heard by citizens and their governments alike. They work to ensure the hopes of young and future generations are realized through concrete climate action.

The project is managed and funded by the Global Call for Climate Action. Over the years, AaN has supported over 50 Fellows in more than 20 countries. Many of AaN’s past participants have continued their work, moving toward leadership roles and impressive careers in academia, government, and in NGOs around the world. With time and additional resources, AaN will expand the it’s reach to support more Fellows in more countries – our 2013/2014 team is the next step in that expansion.


Our Fellowships are individualized for each recipient depending on the strengths and interests of that person, and on their political, cultural and geographic circumstances. That said, the following list gives a sense what we’ll ask from each participant:

During the full duration of the Fellowship, participants should expect to:

  • Working with the AaN team, develop & maintain a deep understanding of climate change issues, their country’s national and international climate politics; who makes key decisions; how are those decisions influenced; how all of this can be made more relevant to those influencers in ways that lead to more ambitious climate action; and what leverage can the participants most effectively activate to contribute to ambitious climate policies.
  • Working with the AaN team, Fellows will develop and execute a ‘strategic communications & activism plan’ that spans the duration of the Fellowship. We would like this to include:
    • Contributions to the AaN website at least twice per month, helping peers track relevant climate and energy issues.
    • Monthly contributions to more mainstream media outlets in the fellow’s country / region, contributing to national dialogues on climate change threats and solutions.
    • Hosting and supporting regional capacity-building and awareness-raising efforts, including intelligence briefings and webinars that share actionable updates with activists and communicators.

Fellows will attend the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) in Warsaw. Prior to that meeting, participants should expect to:

  • Work with the AaN team, develop and begin to execute a strategic communications plan for the COP.
  • Build & maintain relationships with key players including government officials, media, GCCA partners and other NGO experts.

During the COP, participants should expect to:

  • Continue to execute their strategic communications plan. Including, but not limited to:
    • publicly tracking relevant developments in the COP
    • daily new-media content production (on the AaN website, social networks, and beyond); and
    • mainstream media content production
  • Enhance and continue to build relationships with key players, including government officials, media and NGO experts

After the COP, participants should expect to:

  • Continue the implementation of their strategic communications and activism plans, updating them to seize opportunities for progress on climate action nationally and internationally in 2014.


Here’s a taste of the role our trackers play during the climate talks.