Bonn Climate Talks, Day 2 wrap-up: back to the roots…

Access a downloadable pdf of this report here.

And there’s more: check also our storify report of the Bonn Climate Talks – Day #1.

  • Anonymous

    Sébastien: it’s now more than a week since the talks ended. Are you – or – going to do an overall assessment?

  • Joshua Wiese

    Hello Guenier, it would be great to read Seb’s views on Bonn. Even having followed this process relatively closely for years, I always learn something from Seb’s reflections and insights. Whether or not he finds time to share them, I can point you to a more basic overall assessment here:… by my colleague Tierney Smith.

  • Anonymous

    I too have been following this process for years. I saw the tcktcktck article (BTW you appear in the byline not Tierney Smith) and followed the link to Earth in Brackets:

    I’d be interested in your view on my exchange with Nathan Thanki. And possibly in the discussion here:

    Best wishes – Robin Guenier

  • Anonymous

    Joshua: further to my earlier post, you might use your obvious influence at tcktcktck to see what happened to a comment I made re this article:

    My comment was posted 2 or 3 days ago – but mysteriously still hasn’t appeared. I’d be most grateful for your help. Thanks.


  • Joshua Wiese

    I’ll look into it. My guess is that we don’t currently have anyone approving comments, but can get back to you with more info.