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Building Bridges – Bonn to the #call4climate

By June 2, 2015 No Comments

UN plenary
The UN climate talks have just begun, but its not the negotiations I’m looking forward to this time. It’s all of you.

Think of these next two weeks as small stepping stones rather than large jumps ahead for the negotiations. A lot of negotiators are keen to move things rapidly forward, but there are a number of ongoing issues that have slowly dragged on for years, and still need some soft massaging.

As Federicho pointed out yesterday, there’s a massive document that negotiators need to work their way through this week, and that’s always going to be hard.

Just imagine if you, all your brothers and sisters, all your cousins, aunties and uncles all wanted to go on holiday together, but all had slightly different ideas about where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

At least in my family, that would be a nightmare.

But so far, our #Call4Climate journey has been something of a dream.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have collectively published over 180 different articles,  including front page stories in Ghana and Madagascar.

We’ve had articles that have been shared over 8000 times, and reached leading newspapers and media outlets in 65 different countries.

But what has been the most striking thing, is this:

Almost two-thirds of everyone who has published an article so far, have done so for the first time.

That’s more than 100 people who have now been published for the first time, and are now actively influencing their national media.

And we have 3 days left!

During those three days, we’ll be going through all of your articles and selecting some that we want to hand to negotiators.

Then we’re going to print them out, track down your national negotiators and hand them your articles.

We’re also going to be:

  • Hosting Webinar’s with partner NGO’s and leading negotiators
  • Getting you skilled up with a series of 5 “Back to Basics @UNFCCC” videos that will catch you up with all you need to know about what negotiators are doing here in Bonn.
  • Writing articles daily about the negotiations to keep you up to date with the latest climate intelligence

What else will you publish before our first #Call4Climate deadline is up?

We can’t wait to read it, and pass it on to your negotiators. Or tweet it to #SB42 for them to read it online!

Check out our Webinar below to know more. We had a few technical difficulties, but I hope you still enjoy it

Chris Wright

About Chris Wright

Co-founder and Director of Climate Tracker. We’ve inspired 8000+ journalists to report on Climate Change. Based in Borneo. Trail Running convert. Learning Python.

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