South Asia Campaign begins!

Climate Tracker's South Asia campaign is here! From Monday 1st of August, start writing about  Adaptation in 1.5 degrees in South Asia. You have until the 16th of August to publish an article in media...

Making Voices Heard

I realized that with a little perseverance -and many, many emails to editors- I could make my voice, and the voices of those I wrote about, heard and I could be the one sparking conversations.

The Climate Tracker fellowship experience

In a time when our world is struggling to push for solutions and commitments to reducing carbon emissions, we all have roles to play in this campaign. The concept of letting our voices be heard seems so simple, yet its power can have far-reaching impacts that will trigger changes in our society.

How the Climate Tracker fellowship helped me as a writer

This fellowship has been a tremendous experience, which I am truthfully grateful and thankful to be a part of. It allowed me the opportunity to combine my talent for writing, with my passion for educating the public on ways in which they can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.