The Climate Tracker fellowship experience

In a time when our world is struggling to push for solutions and commitments to reducing carbon emissions, we all have roles to play in this campaign. The concept of letting our voices be heard seems so simple, yet its power can have far-reaching impacts that will trigger changes in our society.

How the Climate Tracker fellowship helped me as a writer

This fellowship has been a tremendous experience, which I am truthfully grateful and thankful to be a part of. It allowed me the opportunity to combine my talent for writing, with my passion for educating the public on ways in which they can contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Launching our first two handbooks on journalism and climate change

Beginning of this year, we have started to produce toolkits to help you write your articles on climate change. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from you and how much they have helped you in getting your articles published. Because of this, we want to give you more toolkits to help you improve your writing. What we came up with are two handbooks, complete with exercises, that you can download and answer!

Indigenous people in the face of climate change

The value of traditional indigenous knowledge in the global struggle against climate change is being increasingly recognized. They aim to do so at the national level, but also by increasing their representation and defending their interests at the Green Climate Fund and by enlisting civil society support.

Making Our Way to Marrakech

Now that our "Paris honeymoon is over," as one delegate put it, how do we go from Paris to Marrakech? And after the Bonn intersessionals, how much have we progressed and and how do we make our way to COP22 Marrakech also tagged as the "action COP"?

TTIP and Climate Change

Climate Tracker found that past trade agreements resulted in a huge number of cases of big fossil companies suing governments for environmental and climate protection measures. We analyzed the TTIP draft-text and found that it is a huge potential threat for climate protection.