Climate change is the defining issue of our generation. How we confront it is literally shaping the world we grow up in. It’s shaping our challenges and our opportunities, from the cost of food to whether there’s any food to put on the table; from how we get energy to power our phones to how we get energy to power our classrooms and lift our communities. It touches almost every aspect of our lives.

Our leaders have worked on climate change for decades, negotiating amongst themselves and on our behalf how to deal or not deal with our changing world.

So why do we leave the most important decisions in the world to a few hundred people? Why doesn’t everyone know about it? Why aren’t we all having our say? And what can we do about it? These are the questions we asked ourselves.

And we came up with an answer: Adopt a Negotiator. We thought it was time to let our leaders know we are here and we are watching them and we are going to take our future into our own hands.

The first Adopt a Negotiator Crew at the Bonn Climate Talks

The first Adopt a Negotiator Crew at the Bonn Climate Talks

Representing 13 countries and 9 different languages our mission is to change the way citizens from around the world engage in shaping climate change solutions at a global level.

As young people who will live with the decisions being hashed out in meetings between our country’s leaders in places like UN, the fact these negotiations were go on with little scrutiny or public participation doesn’t seem right. For years negotiations about our future have been happening in a bubble.

It’s time that bubble is burst!

One of the reasons engagement in global negotiations is so hard is because they are complex, dry, and full of language that no one outside the system can understand. That’s where we come in.

By going to UN climate talks and other key negotiations and by trying to translate this process into real life situations, we hope to make it open and understandable to many more.

By showing up, participating wherever solutions are being discussed and decided, we hope to bring the voices of the many that can’t attend to the people who have our fate in their hands.

As a group of independent young people writing from our own perspectives, we give you a raw take on who is doing what in this effort. We tell it like it is, with all the emotion that comes with failure or with progress. We bring a human element to a too soulless process.

We hope that by following our work and getting involved, you too can start to understand the decisions taken in your name and make your voice heard on the defining issue of ours, and perhaps all generations to come.

Adopt A Negotiator is a project supported by the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA). You can found out more about GCCA and it’s other activities at