Diego Arguedas Ortiz

13 December, 2014

ADP Final discussion – Who likes what?

This post will update as plenary continue. Work by the whole Adopt a Negotiator team (who you can follow here!)

UPDATE: 1:40 p.m. – ADP closes, coChairs hand it to Manuel Pulgar-Vidal. He’ll meet with groups from 2:30 p.m. on and will try to find a way out of this.

The ADP began again this morning in a hot and heated Cusco plenary. While we began on a positive note, it seems that the few hours sleep available to negotiators hasn’t helped anyone come to agreement.

Last night, we highlighted the key tension points. This morning, we arrived to a room full of conflict, where even the crowd is divided between countries who accept and reject the current draft document.

Of note, AOSIS negotiator Ian Fry began early on with a plea to reinstate Loss and Damage within the draft agreement. This call to reject a weakened text was then supported by Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Venezuela who all highlighted the lack of equity and balance between adaptation and mitigation as key red lines they were not willing to cross.

For those who suggest going forward with the current text, Marshall Islands negotiator Tony De Brum was a crowd favourite in his call to continue negotiations with respect for the sovereignty of those countries most at risk. For this, he received the morning’s biggest applause, both from the crowd, as well as from his allies in Latin America, Europe, Australia, Russia and the US.

To better understand exactly where countries stand, we have broken down each country’s stance just for you!