Why I walked out of Rio+20

I have been a naughty tracker. For today, on the last day of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, I stopped tracking. In fact, I was not even allowed to go into the Rio Centro conference centre this morning as, yesterday, I turned in my accreditation badge. I stepped out of the proceedings, and abandoned my negotiators.

Green Jobs; a reaction to the text

The first step we take on Monday in transitioning to a green economy, is to realise that we actually have to do some work to get there. Work to make our buildings more energy efficient, to better our...
Women's access to a green economy

Women’s access to a green economy

There are so many themes being discussed here, and it is clear as day to me that the only way we will achieve any of it, is to build in women's rights and participation from the beginning.
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Encouraging investment in green skills

Education and employment are taking centre stage as it becomes clear that to make a successful transition to a more sustainable, green economy, we must tackle the massive skills gap that we face
The ITUC is badass

The ITUC is badass

One of the most vocal civil society groups here is the ITUC - the International Trade Union Confederation. They are here to call for green jobs and skills, social protection, a financial transactions tax, and...