To change everything we need everyone. People around the world
are mobilizing September 21st to kick off a critical 15-month push for climate action.
Join us and hundreds of other bloggers, journalists, and campaigners
as we Write the movement and flood the media with blogs, articles and op-eds
all about what climate change means to us.

Lets make our voices heard around the world

Join the mobilisation

It’s time to change the way the world talks about climate change,
and we are going to be the ones to do it.

In September, heads of state are going to New York City for a historic summit on climate change. With our future on the line, we’re going to use it to bend the course of history.

In the days leading up to the summit, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march on the streets of New York City – along with the parallel marches, actions and events taking place in cities all around the world on the same day – demanding action from government leaders to seriously address climate change. It will be a global mobilisation, kicking off a critical 15-month push on governments to craft a new global climate deal expected at the UN talks in Paris in 2015.

People from all walks of life will demand that the future of this planet be safe from the ravages of climate change and include an economy that works for people and the planet with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

We’ve decided to join the thousands of people marching and protesting in the streets,
with a writing movement of our own!


Join us and hundreds of others as we write the movement and flood the media with blogs, articles and op-eds all about what climate change means to us. All it takes is four steps:

Step 1: PLAN

Pick a topic, audience and platform
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Step 2: WRITE

Find a unique way to tell your story
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Step 3: PITCH

Pitch your work and help us flood the media
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Step 4: SHARE

Share it!
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Step 1 – PLAN:

Just think what an impact you could make with a story in your local or national news. The impacts of climate change are being felt by people all around the world, but the media isn’t paying attention. And when they do, they often overlook some of the most important issues that young people will have to deal with.

The upcoming summit is a great news hook. We’re going to use it to make the world see climate change through new eyes. Your Eyes.

Think about a climate issues that are important to you. What story do you want to tell? And where do your want your story to live. It doesn’t have to be a big national newspaper, sometimes a story in a small local newspaper or niche website can have the biggest impact.

Our goal is to get as many of your stories published and read by people around the world the week of the People’s Climate Mobilization on September 21st.

Additional resources:


Step 2 – WRITE:

You’ve thought about the issues and where you want your story to live. Now it’s time to start writing. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Anyone can make an impact. You just have to let your own voice shine through.

If you want to write an oped, here are a few examples and suggestions to help you get started.

Write about what is important to you. Write about your fears, your solutions, your dreams. Write about how climate change is impacting your life right now, and what you want to see your government do about it. Most importantly, write from your heart. If we’re going to change the global narrative on climate change, we need to inject some emotion into the debate. We need to show the world the human side of Climate Change. We need to tell the real life stories that the media isn’t. This is the perfect time to start.

Additional resources:


Step 3 – PITCH:

Now it’s time to pitch! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a big national newspaper, sometimes a story in a small local newspaper or niche website can have the biggest impact.

When you do pitch your story to someone, try to summarize your story in 3 sentences, and don’t forget to highlight why this is news-worthy. It might be wise to have a few different options in mind. If you’re first choice editor doesn’t like it, you can always send it to someone else.

Additional resources:

  • There’s a great quick ‘How to Pitch‘ guide over at the Oped Project.
  • For more in depth advice on pitching climate stories to editors, check out our Climate Tracker Skill-up on Pitching an Op-ed from earlier this summer.


Step 4 – SHARE:

Once you’re published, tweet your #Call4Climate with the link and where you’re from here:

Tweet your #Call4Climate Action

We’ll be tracking the #Call4Climate to help aggregate your stories around the world. Also feel free to include these twitter handles #ClimateTracker and  #PeoplesMarch. And if you want us to share it on Facebook, post the link to the  Adopt a Negotiator Facebook Page 

We are the ones who will face the biggest impacts of climate change. And it’s time we let the world know that we’re not going to just watch our future go to waste. Lets get writing!