Diego Arguedas Ortiz

14 December, 2014

Saturday ADP Review – What got in? What is out?

This post will update as plenary continue. Work by the whole Adopt a Negotiator team (who you can follow here!)

UPDATE: Text got approved.

So, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal finally emerged from his consultations with groups and parties with a (another) text for parties. It’s the fifth ADP draft we’ve seen in Lima, as just as other before this one, there are some things missing and others recently added (you can check our summary for country positions on the third draft, our revision from the fourth draft and the scorecard on Parties position on the fourth text).

However, if you’re new to ADP, this guide might help you.

On first reading, it seems the African Group, AOSIS, and LDCs will be pleased with the greater recognition of adaptation and loss and damage in this text. They are separated and individually recognized. However, their inclusion in the preamble diminishes their potential to become a driving in the 2015 agreement.

The other key issues that jump out are the elimination of the Ex-ante review, a change in the INDC reporting requirements and their compilation, and a greater emphasis on finance.

Saying that, we have combed through the text, and laid out the big changes an issue at a time for anyone to understand.