Mexico is hosting the biggest international climate negotiations of 2010 in Cancun, Mexico, and the ‘negotiator tracker’ team has arrived ready to keep you in the know. We have an experienced team of young people inside the talks, following their country’s actions in the talks and keep a close watch on what their negotiators are up to. Trackers are blogging in their native languages so they can best reach a domestic audience, but there’s a translate button on the top-right side of each page.

Here’s a quick introduction to who you’ll see on the site. The veterans trackers the team are:

Alex StarkAlex Stark joins us from the US capital, Washington DC. You’ll see her blogs here, and you can follow her on twitter here @AlexMStark.

Amily YangAmily Yang first joined us in Tianjin and is originally from Beijing. She’s blogging here.

Anna Collins will be in Cancun representing the UK. Catch her blogs here. And follow her on twitter at @artnotpolicy.

Andrea Cinquina just made his way from Pescara, Italy. He’ll be blogging here, and tweeting at @acinquina.

Juliana RussarJuliana Russar joins us from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She’s blogging here, and tweeting at @jrussar.

Leela RainaLeela Raina is giving us her uniquely Indian and uniquely Leela perspective. Follow her blogs here, and her tweets at @leelaraina.

Phil IrelandPhil Ireland made his way to Cancun from Australia. He’s blogging here and tweeting @Phil_Ireland.

Thomas MatagneThomas Matagne is our French negotiator tracker seat. Catch his blogs here and follow Thomas on Twitter at @thomasmatagne.

Joanna Dafoe Joanna Dafoe is in Cancun to track the Canadian delegation. Catch her blogs here, and watch for her tweets at @jodafoe.

We’re really excited to welcome two new negotiator trackers to the team:

Laura Tyrer Laura Tyrer joins us from Johannesburg, South Africa. You can read about her efforts on her blog and follow her on twitter at @LauraJTyrer.

Andrea Arzaba Andrea Arzaba joins the team from Mexico City. She’s in Cancun tracking the COP President and meeting hosts – Mexico. Follow Andrea’s blogs here, and catch her on twitter at @andrea_arzaba.

Watch our tracker blogs for daily updates on what’s happening at the UN Climate Talks, as well as lots of other content from our TckTckTck partners as we work toward finding lasting global solutions to climate change and as we race toward a better future.