Diego Arguedas Ortiz

13 December, 2014

The Ultimate Guide for Lima’s Final ADP

This post is a collaboration by several Adopt a Negotiator trackers: Anna Pérez Catalá, Denise Fontanilla, Diego Arguedas Ortiz, Federico Brocchieri, and  Santiago Ortega

It’s been a long 2 weeks of negotiations, where developed and developing countries alike have drawn battle lines in the soft, pebbled sand of Lima. While many may have expected the fireworks a few days ago, it is only now, after our two weeks have passed, that we’re finally starting to see the bonfires burning behind placards tables.

Tonight, the final draft text was released after more than 6 hours of delay and 6 hours before of belated statements of national interests, we’re once again left waiting with baited breath.

But before we let countries dive in tomorrow, me and a group of trackers from the Adopt a Negotiator team have dived into the new draft text once again, and pulled out exactly what we see as the sparkling gems and land grenades waiting for red lines to be crossed.

It was an all-nighter to have this ready, but it’s a great way to ignite debate. Rather than stating a position, our intention was to dig deep into the text so others could join us in the journey. As a Peruvian cebiche chef would say, ¡Provecho!