The climate negotiations resume in Bonn - focus on adaptation and renewables for the first day.

High hopes despite slow speed as Bonn wraps up

In our summary of the latest round climate negotiations - Bonn leaves a new global climate agreement within reach, but requires positive signals made by parties in Bonn and beyond to be captured in a refined negotiating text. 


Daily Tck: Day four of the UN climate talks in Bonn

New proposals move government delegations closer to a trimmed negotiating text, though way forward still to be determined & campaigners press strong role for human rights in Paris agreement, as Saudi Arabia moves to delete reference

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Daily Tck: UN Climate Talks resume in Bonn

Amidst growing hope that the new climate agreement signals an end of the fossil fuel era & a new wave of momentum as negotiators meet in Bonn to address the structure of the Paris deal, September kicks off a vital few months for diplomacy and increasing mobilization for climate action.